Nativity, Passion and Glory

the iconic couture brands 30th anniversary

A complete season of cohesive branded communication starting with NYFW runway show, social content pre- and post-show, advertising campaign, seasonal print and digital content.

project scope

_creative moodboard

The collection is a journey through the symbolism captured in three of the facades of the magnificent La Sagrada Família Basilica by Antonio Gaudí.

part I

The gold foiled paintings and halo in byzantine iconography served inspired our creative reference, starting with the runway show and carrying over to advertising for Hervé Léger fall 2015.

_Runway Show

In close collaboration with the brands chief creative officer NYFW responsibilities included initial runway set-designs, direction for music, light, hair and make-up. All while partnering with the best talent in each field to ensure the show would come together perfectly.

Deliverables included live stream of show, social cut-downs, behind the scenes edit and lookbook.

Part II

_advertising creative

Ad campaign concept, casting and photography art direction as lead creative on set for all print, digital and motion assets.

Scope included in-store signage, OOH advertising, seasonal editorial concepts, branded magazine designs, site experiences, e-mail marketing and dedicated social content.

Part III

_site experience

Social content and strategy, e-mail marketing and site experience.

Part IV

Client: Hervé Léger
Creative: Mikael Kangas
Model: Ieva Laguna
Photographer: Hunter & Gatti
Stylist: Elizabeth Cabral
Set Designer: Cecilio Dolcetto Lara Ramirez