For fall 2016 Hervé Léger went punk. In close collaboration with the brands cheif creative officer we gave the label a welcomed 180-degree jolt.

Carefully crafted creative - from runway show to print advertising and finally a complete digital overhaul. Brining a new sense of excitement and desire back to the brand while re-enforcing it's heritage.

Social media build-up to New York Fashion Week, sharing insight to the collection and behind the scenes moments with the brands chief creative officer.

Part I

The runway show - creative direction while collaborating with top talent to make all the parts of the show to come together perfectly starting with set-design and ending with the final runway show edits.

Part II

Print and digital advertising campaign launch.

Part III

print advertising

Client: Hervé Léger
Creative: Mikael Kangas
Model: Daga Ziober
Photographer: Boe Marion
Stylist: Elizabeth Cabral
Hair Stylist: Luke Chamberlain
Make-up: Blondie
Set Designer: Cecilio Dolcetto Lara Ramirez

Complete re-design of ecommerce experience. Responsive design with complete site overhaul from homepage and brand heritage down to product detail pages.

Part IV